Cargo Security

Cargo Security

Cargo security has it own set of security requirements and WASS is able to assist with the full package from training solutions, the provision of security equipment to the operation and management of cargo security facilities.


Cargo security has recently come into focus and become a critical part of the whole security structure with new, stringent regulations coming into force throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

Regulators and the industry work together to effectively secure and manage the whole supply chain to ensure that air cargo remains secure from its approved acceptance into the facility right through to its arrival at destination.

Ultimately the goal is to ensure that goods are transported without unlawful interference and that the goods carried are themselves free of undeclared prohibited and restricted items such as explosives, weapons and narcotics.

All personnel with access to air cargo must be authorised and appropriately trained to process the cargo through the facility and Westminster offers a full range of training and equipment to ensure that all cargo shipments processed comply fully with ICAO (SaRPs) EU regulations: EC300, EU 1998/ 2015, EU8005 including Cargo RA3, ACC3, TSA and National regulations.

Our industry experts can review and audit your current security measures, identify any gaps, recommend improvements and upgrades and assist in the development of policy, standard operating procedures and your cargo security program.

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