Airport Security

Airport Security

WASS is able to assist Airports with single or multiple issues through to complete security solutions. From the installation of the perimeter fence to fully integrated passenger, baggage and cargo screening solutions along with a fully trained and compliant workforce working to the most exacting standards.

WASS has a wide portfolio of solutions and expertise in the provision of Airport security and is helping to protect Airports and the travelling public throughout the world.

Airports have always been major gateways into and out of any country and the experience passengers and visitors encounter while travelling through such facilities can have lasting effects on business, tourism and investment.

There are many issues that can affect the passenger experience of an airport – the condition of the airport and its facilities, the transportation access to and from the airport by road and rail links etc., the availability of services and facilities (shops, restaurants and other amenities) but two key issues that affect on the passengers sense of well being of their security while passing through the airport and the speed, efficiency and manner in which security services are conducted. WASS has the experience, expertise and the technology to provide complete security solutions to airports not only in terms of technology, manpower and operational management but also with consultancy and design services.

WASS has the experience, expertise and the technology to provide complete security solutions to airports not only in terms of consultancy and design but also in operational management,
technology and manpower.


WASS can provide Advanced Passenger Information (API) systems, from ticket purchase, providing advanced passenger information to immigration and border control of the destination country, integration with watch lists, e-gates, airlines and border control systems etc.

WASS can deliver controlled zonal access to restricted areas by installing advanced Access Control systems to restrict and control vehicle and pedestrian access to airside and other secure areas.

WASS can also design, deliver and commission complete airport ID card control systems and install the integrated access control readers throughout the whole facility, naturally these systems are all internationally approved.

Advanced CCTV surveillance systems designed to monitor both inside the terminal and the outer perimeters and the supporting analytics equipment can be deployed to automatically detect unattended baggage and any suspicious behaviour. CCTV surveillance of Airports is a specialist activity particularly where large numbers of cameras are involved and WASS has the expertise and experience to design and implement such systems including the provision of Control & Command centres – a critical aspect of any efficiently operated Airport surveillance system.

Detection of debris (FOD) and the reporting of damage to runways are essential for the safe operation of aircraft; WASS can install solutions that identify and report defects resulting in minimal disruption and allowing timely repairs to be made.

The protection of the restricted areas and restriction of unauthorised access, particularly to aircraft, this is a key element in the provision of Airport security, key to this is the Perimeter itself and with airport perimeters usually being several kilometres in length this can often be a challenge. WASS has a range of specialist security solutions that can protect long length Perimeters including fences with built-in specialist detection systems, Long Range Surveillance and Ground Based Radars integrated with Long Range Colour Day / Night Thermal Cameras proving detection, verification and tracking of any intruders.

In support of the above, WASS are a recognised and approved training provider who can deliver extensive training in both equipment operation and integration at all levels from operatives to Management that also includes coaching, mentoring and on-going recurrent training.

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