Airline Security

Airline Security

Airlines require a unique set of security requirements from protecting the airfames on the tarmac to checking and monitoring passengers, carrying out cabin security checks and protecting and escorting cabin crew during stop overs. What ever the requirements WASS is able to assist.

Throughout recent history the airline industry has been a target and incidents have propelled it into the headlines, be it terrorism, immigration issues, people smuggling or narcotics, this has resulted in the industry requiring a unique range of security and services to help protect it from such attention, this is where WASS can become part of that protection.

Integrated effective security and support solutions are key and we are able to offer a menu of services from airline representation and management, advanced passenger information on ticket booking, check-in that incorporates passenger profiling via passport and documentation checks, central search and screening procedures, passenger reconciliation during the boarding process and passenger and baggage reconciliation.

In support of this are the background screening processes we deliver, such as hold baggage screening, aircraft search and guard, aircraft access control, the screening of airport supplies such as the duty free shops and retail outlets, screening of in-flight supplies such as catering, amenity kits and stores and cargo screening processes.

Following this model WASS can provide a perfectly seamless service blending both technology and our highly trained and motivated teams throughout the entire flight process.


Below are a number of the services we can deliver:

  • Airline Representation and Management Services;
  • Advanced Passenger Information;
  • Cargo Security;
  • Compliance Auditing;
  • Full Aviation Security Packages;
  • Full Central Search Operations;
  • Gate Operations;
  • Hold Baggage Screening;
  • In-Flight supply screening;
  • Over-wing Handling Services (Check-in);
  • Passenger Pre-Screening;
  • Passenger Profiling;
  • Policy and Standard Operating Procedures;
  • Triple A (Accounting And Authorisation of Hold Baggage);
  • VIP, Corporate and general Meet and Greet services.

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