Coronavirus and the Aviation Industry

Westminster Aviation Security Services (WASS) are world leading experts in Aviation security management, operation and risk assessment.

As part of the Westminster Group, WASS have access the a wide range of security and safety equipment which can deployed quickly and efficiently to airports across the globe to increase safety and security for both passengers and airline alike.

As part of the Coronvirus response effort the WASS is able to provide a complete service to airport for the provision of advanced passenger and crew fever screening and detection systems. Fever is one of two main recognisable symptoms of the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Systems can be provided from a single standalone quick deployable system to a full airport wide networked solution covering all at risk areas such as check-in, customs, security and gates. Systems can be integrated with other airport technology such as e-Gates and can be monitored from remote locations such as a control room.

As an example of the system available WASS can provide the following technology:

WG 520 Mass Screening

  • Initial Level Screening
  • Mass Screening
  • Medical Grade
  • Fast & Effective

The WG 520 Fever, Coronavirus Covid-19, Flu, Ebola Screening system is a medical grade rapidly deployable thermal imaging fever screening system for accurately identifying individuals that have an above normal body temperature. The system was designed by medical professionals to be used as a first level mass screening test for identifying individuals that have an above normal body temperature and may be suffering from COVID-19 and other virus and flu variants.

The initial level primary screening provides little or no inconvenience or interruption of movement for the majority of people being screened. As individuals and groups of people pass through the 11 degree field of vision at up to 18 meters range, images of the individuals are relayed to a screen where hot spots associate with fever symptoms are picked up. An alert is sounded notifying that the certain individual has an abnormal high temperature and further screening or testing is required. The accuracy of the WG 520 is +/- 0.3°C. The images are clear in black and white with hot spots depicted in red.

The FDA approved and registered system can be integrated with other screening stations with data capture, instant recall and replay available options. The WG 520 requires little or no training and the solution comes as a complete set ready to use.

WG 620 Targeted Screening

  • Targeted passenger screening
  • Up to 5 individuals screened simultaneously
  • Passenger feedback screen
  • Multiple integration options

The WG 620 Fever Detection Camera enables accurate and fast fever screening of up to 5 individuals at once, complying with social distancing guidelines. The system was designed by thermal imaging professionals in Europe to be used as a targeted screening solution for passengers passing through checkpoints identifying individuals that have an above normal body temperature and may be suffering from COVID-19 and other virus and flu variants.

The device can be mounted tripods, stands or be integrated into systems such as e-Gates, the system also includes a passenger facing display screen. The WG620 captures facial images and detect the skin temperature from a range of up to 2 metres. The camera is small and unobtrusive, the image shows a real time match for the individual being screened. Images show the person being screened with a coloured square around his facial features and the temperature shown above for the time they pass through the field of view. Green squares and temperature text indicate a negative result and red depicts a positive result. If a positive result is picked up a tailored message on what to do next is shown and an alert sounded. The WG 620 can accurately detect temperatures of individuals wearing masks and facial coverings.

The WG 620 is available in various configuration options with pre downloaded software, portable tablet screens and pc applications. The WG 620 Fever Detection Camera enables fast and accurate fever screening of passengers at national borders and airports and is suitable as a secure fever screening solution for offices, buildings, exhibitions, etc. The system has the capabilities to be integrated into other existing security applications though software links.

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