Westminster Aviation Security Services Ltd (WASS) is a global provider of security services to airports and the aviation industry worldwide and is a division of the Westminster Group Plc., a leading security and defence group providing advanced technology security solutions and long-term managed services in over 50 countries around the world.

From its global network, WASS provides a wide range of security services, solutions and technologies for the protection of Airports, Airlines, Passengers and Cargo. The company is a total solutions provider offering turnkey solutions from supply of equipment and personnel to full management and running of airport security operations.

Equipment and services include the provision of consultancy and strategic development and the use of integrated technologies, through to complete Build Operate and Transfer long term concession agreements or partial facility management such as Build Maintain and Train long term concession agreements.

WASS Runway

The WASS Build Operate Transfer (BOT) programme provides manned services include search and screening together with the provision of surveillance and detection equipment through to Immigration services, advanced passenger information profiling, and asset protection.

The WASS Build Maintain Train (BMT) programme provides operational training and management support together with the provision of surveillance and detection equipment through to Immigration services, advanced passenger information profiling, and asset protection.

WASS can tailor our various unique innovative programmes and solutions to assist airport operators in bringing the security within their airports up to and maintaining them to recognised international standards.

WASS will work with the airport authorities and state organisations to enhance airport security by providing all the required investment and expertise to bring the country’s airport security up to international standards and maintain those standards for the duration of the contract.


Airports have always been major gateways into and out of any country and the experience passengers and visitors encounter while travelling through such facilities can have lasting effects on business, tourism and investment.

There are many issues that can affect the passenger experience of an airport – the condition of the airport and its facilities, the transportation access to and from the airport, the availability of services and facilities (shops, restaurants and other amenities) but two key issues that have an effect on the passengers sense of well being are their security while passing through the airport and the speed, efficiency and manner in which security services are conducted.

WASS has the experience, expertise and the technology to provide complete security solutions to airports not only in terms of consultancy and design but also in operational management, technology and manpower.

As part of the initial process WASS can audit and review the National Aviation Security Programme, Airport Security Plan, Policy and Standard Operating Procedures.

Airports and airlines require a unique range of security measures, from protecting the restricted areas and the aircraft on the ground via a command and control centre to advanced passenger profiling and CCTV monitoring of passengers and staff, conducting cabin security checks, ensuring cargo, airport and in-flight supplies are screened, right through to the protection of the flight deck and cabin crew stopovers.

Whatever the requirements WASS has the solution.